Race & Rurality in Schools: Racism and the Community

Race & Rurality in Schools: Racism and the Community BadgeDescription

The Race & Rurality in Schools: Racism and the Community badge is issued by the Rural Education Institute. This badge is for teachers, school administrators, and community stakeholders and explores issues related to equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion. The badge explores how racism and privilege create barriers for marginalized students. The badge further details the importance of having appreciation for the stories of your students/community members from wherever they come and provides strategies for becoming better advocates for the students they serve.


The verified recipient of this badge has demonstrated competence in the following areas:

  • Racism in the school community
  • Barriers for marginalized students
  • Cultural awareness and its impact on student learning

Participants will…

  • Create a list of actionable strategies to develop an equitable classroom
  • Complete the cultural assessment and identify practices that need to be amended
  • Develop an action plan for providing minimizing barriers for marginalized students

This badge is issued upon active participation in a synchronous webinar with Institute facilitators and subsequent submission of reflection activities.