Project I4

Project I4 BadgeEarning Criteria

Estimated time: 1 Year

  • The verified recipient of this badge has demonstrated competence in the following areas.
  • Understanding the Project I4 Framework.
    • Operationalizing the Project I4 Framework by
    • Establishing an Equity Centered Networked Improvement Community (EC-NIC) of teachers in their schools.
    • Conducting classroom observations using the Project I4 Observation Tools.
    • Engaging in evidence-based conversations with teachers to improve teaching practices.

Participants will

  • Complete activities at the Project I4 Summer Learning Exchange.
  • Conduct evidence-based observations and conversations with teachers in their EC-NIC.
  • Administer and analyze the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) in their school two time
  • Fulfill the requirements of a Capstone project showcasing evidence of their work through Project I4.

This badge is issued to all Project I4 participants meeting the following conditions:

  • Showed growth on Project I4 observation and conversation metrics.
  • Demonstrated understanding of equity-centered instructional leadership.
  • Met monthly with their Project I4 coach.
  • Created a Capstone Poster and presented evidence showcasing the work completed in their school.


Dr. Matthew Militello

Evaluator Credentials:  PI of the Project I4 Department of Education Grant. He served as a public school teacher and administrator for 11 years and has spent 15 years as a university professor.