Digital Badging at East Carolina University

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are an easy method to create verifiable evidence of a significant experience, completion, or achievement.  Badges can give employers increased confidence the information listed for employment is accurate by providing verifiable information.  Badges can be easily displayed on electronic portfolios, LinkedIn, or social media sites.  Badges contain descriptions of experiences, outcomes, and who issued a badge at an organization.   

Badging Governance

For more information, please reference the Governance of Co-Curricular Badging.

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What info gets stored in a badge?

Digital badges embed verifiable information. Some of the metadata that gets baked into a badge includes

  • The badge name
  • The description
  • The earning criteria
  • The issuer
  • Any evidence provided by the issuer
  • The issue date
  • Any expiry date
  • Any tags

Personal information such as your name, email, or phone number is never baked into a badge.

How is my information secured?

The issuer who baked the badge keeps a record of your name and email address but does not include that personal information within the badge. To verify that a badge is valid, the interested party is required to present both the badge and the email address. From within Canvas Credentials, you have complete control over which badges are public or private and which badges you choose to share outside of your Canvas Credentials backpack.

Features and Benefits

ECU uses Canvas Credentials to issue badges using.

Canvas Credentials Pathways

Pathways show learners the available paths to reach an end goal and can include badges from a variety of issuers, both inside and out of Canvas Credentials.

QR & Claim Codes

Issuing badges doesn’t have to be limited to manual issuing. Use QR codes to award badges during a museum scavenger hunt, checking into a conference, or attending a tutoring session. Claim codes and links can be hidden throughout your project to reward the diligent, on training pages, or even on your website.

Bulk Awards

When the entire group has achieved something great, showcase it with a digital badge. Bulk awarding allows you to recognize a group of any size.

Reporting & Analytics

Access analytics and use the data to improve engagement and success rates.